Do you know or do you NOT know?

Do you know or do you NOT know?

Do you know or do you NOT know?

There are reasons why more people opt to have Dark Chocolate instead of the regular ones🤫Why?

1. Dark chocolate helps in lowering blood pressure

- A study has shown that we can lower blood pressure by eating dark cholocate as well as improves insulin sensitivity in healthy people. When that happens, it reduces the body’s ability to process blood sugar effectively.

2. Dark chocolate helps to reduce stress

- Wait…stress? SAY NO MORE. There were findings wherein eating dark chocolate with a high concentration of cacao for at least 70% has positive effects on inflammation, mood memory and immunity 🤩3. Dark chocolate helps in improving our vision

- This might be new to some of us. Dark chocolate do help to improve our vision. Research has shown that eating dark chocolate boost our visual acuity and contrast sensitivity.

Isn’t that amazing?

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