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Alcosm™ 75% Classic Alcohol Wipes & Multipurposes Wipes / Wet Wipes / Wet Tissue - Advance Starter Bundle

Starter Bundle = 1 month supply for 2 pax

What's in the Bundle? 3x 75% Alcohol Classic Wipes (50's) 

3x Antibacterial (0% Alcohol) Classic Wipes (50's)

 2x Kitchen Wipes (40's)

 8x Toilet Tissue Wipes (8’s)

What you need to clean regularly - your hands, mobile phone, wallet, personal belongings you bring out and more.

No matter if it’s to clean your hands or surfaces, our premium 75% alcohol wet wipes are designed with your safety in mind. Our disinfectant alcohol wipes contain 75% alcohol which effectively kills 99.9% bacteria and harmful germs and removes oil. Made with ultra soft & gentle spun lace nonwoven fabric, it is 40gsm thick, 2x more durable and 2x more moisture for your everyday cleaning

75% Alcohol Classic Wipes - Alcohol dehydrates the protein of the viral microbial shell, hence disabling its activity. At 75% alcohol concentration, it is the most effective ratio.

Antibacterial Wipes - Formulated with Benzalkonium Chloride (Antibacterial Agent), it is effective in killing 99.9% bacteria and harmful germs.

Multipurpose Kitchen Wipes - 2 in 1: Clean and brighten your kitchen. Breaks down oil, grease & dirt stains.

Toilet Tissue Wipes - Travel-Friendly with Toilet Paper + Water & more in one wipes to keeping your bottom fresh and clean at all times. 

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