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Alcosm™ Multipurpose Toilet Wipes / Toilet Tissue / Wet Wipes / Wet Tissue - 64 Wipes

Malaysia's FIRST mini-packed toilet wet wipes to keep your bottoms clean & sanitised when you're out of home. Made with pH-balanced formulation, it is safe and gentle to use daily on your personal parts. Other than being convenient, these wipes contain our secret ingredient, Witch Hazel to give your skin a cooling and refreshing sensation. Just like toilet paper (but even better!), these wipes are flushable hence just flush them down the toilet after wiping. It's that simple!

🌱 Natural Plant Extracts 🌱 

Made with pH-balanced formula, it is safe and gentle enough to use everyday on your personal parts.

🚽 OK to Flush 🚽 

Breaks down like toilet paper in water.

✅ For Your Bottoms ✅ 

PH-balanced formulation to clean & soothe.

🖐️ Palm-sized Packs 🖐️ 

Mini packs great for cleaning on-the-go.  

❄️ Gentle on Skin ❄️ 

Free from fragrance, parabens, alcohol.

💧Better Than Dry, Scatchy Tissue💧 

Suitable for all - made with plant-extracted ingredients to keep your intimate parts clean & sanitise at all times. "Feel Cleaner Than Tissue" with bacteria-free and nourishing bottoms. Helps with skin irritation, pain or dryness.

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